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Louise Gentle
“The loss of heathland across the UK has caused a decrease in the number of reptiles”

Lee Elliot Major
“I had to convince the local authority to support me to go to university”

Philip Collins
“Children of professionals will, by the age of three, have heard a million more words than the offspring of less articulate parents”

Ellie Harrison
“We can all become ‘active citizens’ and not just ‘passive consumers”

Nicola Jennings
“Elon Musk may once again be overestimating his capabilities”

Kalwant Bhopal
“Racism is a key feature of the lives of black and minority”

Lee Elliot Major
“A quarter of sons born in 1958 from the poorest homes remained among those on the lowest incomes as adults”

Simon Reeve
“A quarter of doctors received their primary training outside of Europe”

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“If I could do one thing, I would rid disadvantaged young people of their ‘not for the likes of me’ attitude”

“School children from poorer homes turn up less literate, numerate and articulate”

“We all need to enjoy living within our means”

“Sixty per cent of teachers reported they had witnessed racist bullying”

“Seventy seven per cent of physicians trained in Liberia were actually working in the United States”

“Suddenly, in living colour, England looked like another country”

“The only reason aristocrats have vast acreages of land is because they stole it”

“We shouldn’t say plastic has no benefits”

“We are the fifth-biggest economy but twenty-fifth on world education tables”

“Even if lots of jobs are still done by humans, they won’t be for much longer”

“Pollution is the product of the rich far more than the poor”

“Life itself is now something that is plundered by the corporation” views from charities, pressure groups and campaigns

“Too many of us are destined to end up on the same rungs as our parents”

“The idea that religion is a trump card…is dangerous”

“I’d like to see people on benefits treated with respect”

“The presumption is that it’s still her job to do the caring”

“Same-sex marriage was opposed by every single bishop who voted”

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society focus

Simon Reeve

Award-winning TV adventurer Simon Reeve says migrants are a boon for rich economies but devastating for the countries they leave behind

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Naomi Housego Day

Poor animal welfare persists even in so-called good zoos, says Naomi Housego Day

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Stephen Evans

Stephen Evans says every victory emboldens religious fanatics. Those opposing them need more support

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Ellie Harrison

Performance artist Ellie Harrison shares her vision of a low carbon city lifestyle after a year confining herself to Glasgow

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Graham Parker

How different would be Boris Johnson’s personality and politics if he had gone to a state school? SaySo asked a range of experts

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Anthony Ellis

Criminologist Anthony Ellis explores the many factors behind the rising levels of lethal violence in England and Wales

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inequality focus

Kalwant Bhopal

Some schools are more concerned with their reputations than tackling racism , says Kalwant Bhopal

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Iain Garner

The aspirations of state educated kids would improve if 007 was portrayed as someone from their background, says Iain Garner

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Richard Lindsay

Sustainability expert Richard Lindsay says farmers need to play their part in helping to control greenhouse gases.

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Brenda Hale

Artemis Photiadou of the LSE discusses gender equality with Brenda Hale, the first woman to be appointed President of the UK’s Supreme Court

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Gavin James Bower

Authors vying for the 2017 Man Booker Prize had one thing in common, they were NOT working class, writes Gavin James Bower

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Philip Collins

Britain needs a new type of politics to overcome many issues including social mobility, says Philip Collins

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