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About sayso.org

About SaySo.org

In so many ways Britain remains one of the best countries in the world in which to live.

No doubt our forebears felt similarly privileged, even though most were born into a Britain without a national health service, free education for children, social security benefits and a myriad other birthrights we enjoy today as citizens of the UK.

However,  Britain today is still very much a work in progress, where enormous unfairness, inequality, corruption and political injustice pervade.

For example, only two parliaments in the world provide seats for unelected members of the clergy? One is Iran, the other Britain.

So, we can say the UK is merely a “great country” by comparison but not by example.

SaySo.org has been founded to bring together progressive voices who advocate change and reform to ensure the legacy of current generations is a better, fairer Britain.

We also provide a platform that is totally free of advertisments or any form of vested interest.

Currently our Supporters’ books offer – see banner below – is our main source of revenue. 

Please consider supporting SaySo.org through our books offer so we can continue growing our audience for progressive voices advocating a better Britain.

Many thanks.
Graham Parker
Editor & Founder