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Eight essential reasons to support sayso.org

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One - support progressive voices

SaySo.org is the only platform in the UK totally dedicated to publishing radical opinions which challenge the status quo of Britain’s society, culture, environment and politics. 

Two - we're in no one's pocket

SaySo.org does not accept or seek advertising or commercial investment. The website has been independently financed and will remain so. What you see is what you get. You will see from the views published that no UK institution, political party or commercial interest is beyond scrutiny or criticism. Our two forms of revenue are donations from supporters and our non-fiction Book Club. 

Three - more content, more often

Publishing more content more regularly is crucial to growing our audience. Your support is essential to achieving this.

Four - because you "get it"

If you’ve got this far, no doubt you are politically inclined towards progressive views and agendas. Like us, you view Britain as a great country compared to many others, but it is very far from the finished article. If you support voices for change, please support SaySo.org too. 

Five - we have BIG plans

SaySo.org is just the start. During 2021 we will become very active on social media, including YouTube; and, in the longer term, we aim to launch Britain’s first national radio station dedicated to progressive and alternative views.

Six - every penny on sayso.org

When you donate to SaySo.org rest assured every penny will be spent developing the platform and growing its audience. Every penny.

Seven - create jobs

Creating full-time and part-time positions for writers and researchers is crucial to the success of SaySo.org so your backing – big or small – will help put people in work.

Eight - no one gets rich

SaySo.org has been founded as a not-for-profit enterprise. All profits will be re-invested to build the platform and its audience. In time the project will be wholly owned and controlled by its staff and contributors.

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